It’s Really Not Good, It’s Cancer

Oh where do I begin…

As I sit here, the words want to come out, but they don’t, if that makes any sense. It’s like if I type them out, they are real and even though I know they are already real I don’t want to acknowledge them one more time…but I must. It’s our reality. Cancer.

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Photo by : Hannah Thomas 2018

For as long as I can remember, my husband has suffered from IBS type issues. He always just chalked it up to different foods or stress triggering it. After years of dealing with this, things changed a bit, he started noticing blood. Initially he thought nothing of it, just figured he probably had hemorrhoids or something equally benign. In fact, he didn’t even mention it to me. One day after I went into the bathroom after him I noticed blood in the water in the toilet and it scared the hell out of me. I went and found him and told him, that’s it, it’s time to make an appointment with a GI doctor and get his gut issues figured out.

Fast forward a few days, he was able to get into the GI doctor fairly quickly and after going over his history with her, she agreed it did sound like typical IBS issues, but to be safe, she wanted to run some additional tests, including a colonoscopy. This was all happening in early December 2017. The day of the colonoscopy, I had Asa with me in the waiting room for the length of the procedure. I will never, ever forget that long walk down that hallway that seemed to go on forever. I remember her words, clear as day…”so, he did great, but unfortunately we did find something and …it’s really not good, it’s cancer”.

The entire world stopped. I mean, came to a crashing halt. I couldn’t breathe. I was trying to focus but all I could hear were her words ringing in my head….CANCER. I just wanted to get out of there and find some air. I still hadn’t even made it to where Sean was getting dressed. I was trying to keep Asa out of everything and hold myself together. When she opened the door to the procedure room where he was, I looked at him and saw in his eyes……everything that I was feeling mirrored in his face.

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Photo Credit : Hannah Thomas 2018

The GI doctor had already been in contact with both the surgeon, and the oncologist, and started things in motion before we had even left to get this whole process going of blood work and CT scans and PET scans and eventually surgery scheduled. It felt like forever before we were able to just get out of there, and it felt like the longest walk of my life as we made our way out of there and down through the same Emergency Department where my husband has worked for the last 13 years…both of us had tears pooling in our eyes and spilling out on our cheeks and as we passed a few nurses he’s worked with forever, the questioning looks on their faces as they asked me is everything ok and all I could manage was “no” as I followed him out of the doors into the sunshine.

The whole drive home, we both cried…me as I drove and him as he sat in the backseat with Asa. What in the world happens now? How do we do this? Why is this happening? So many questions and there are really no answers….

It’s Time…

I don’t usually post about why we only have one child or go into all the struggles we have had with infertility or miscarriage. But today I am going to share a bit about this sensitive subject.

Before I got married I really didn’t ever see myself having kids. Then I met my husband and everything changed. While I still didn’t want to have kids right away, I started to see a future of having kids. Then we got married and less than 2 months later found out we were expecting our daughter. We were both ecstatic. Scared, but so excited.

Fast forward through a healthy pregnancy and delivery. My doctor put me on birth control pills at my 6 week appointment so we didn’t have any oops babies so soon after giving birth the first time. When Hannah was about 6 months old I decided to go off BCP’s so that my body would have a chance to get the pills out of my system so that we could start trying for baby #2 anytime.

Over the course of the last 6 years we have been TTC (trying to conceive)without any success. I have irregular cycles so at least part of my infertility stems from that. However my doctor has tried a few times to regulate me through inducing cycles with drugs but never has my doctor suggested I go to an RE (reproductive endocrinologist) to have the more in depth testing done to see what is causing my secondary infertility. She has however been suggesting that I’m not getting any younger (gee, thanks for that doc) and that my cycles are just going to keep getting worse the older I get. So she has mentioned every time she sees me that I need to either make a serious effort to get pregnant or start thinking about hysterectomy.

After a lot of serious consideration and conversations with my husband, we have decided to go see an RE. I am nervous and anxious and emotional about this. I can’t believe I didn’t push for this sooner, but on the other hand not knowing what’s wrong exactly is kind of a blessing because I don’t have to be faced with the possibility of them telling me there is nothing they can do to fix it.

So, we have made the first appointment with a highly recommended RE in our area and on Valentine’s Day will be having our consultation with him. I’m trying to not get ahead of the process and just remember to breathe. I know it’s going to be a long road ahead to getting a firm grasp on what exactly has been causing this infertility for 6 years but hopefully we will end up with some answers.