Holiday Lookbook – Thrifted Outfits

Hello my beauties! I can’t believe it, Christmas is this weekend! This year has been a hell of a year, am I right?! All of the tragedies and the celebrities who’ve passed…it’s just been on hit after another all year and I for one am looking forward to 2017 being better for everyone.

So I know I’ve shared very few fashion posts on this here blog, but I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone and do things that scare me, so in that vein, I’m sharing a fashion post today! I recently did a YouTube collab with a few other ladies from the YouTube Mommy MeetUp group on Facebook, it was a Holiday Look Book, 3 thrifted *or partly thrifted outfits. So, I’m sharing the outfits I pulled together with items I found at a few of my local Goodwill stores.

Outfit number one

Holiday Look Book - Thrifted Edition Look One

Look One – Shirt and Jeans from Goodwill

Outfit number two

Holiday Look Book - Thrifted Edition Look Two

Holiday Look Book – Thrifted Edition, Look Two Top and Leggings from Goodwill

Outfit number three

Holiday Look Book - Thrifted Edition Look Three

Holiday Look Book – Thrifted Edition Look Three jeans and top from Goodwill

And just cuz I feel like sharing, here is the actual look book I did on YouTube šŸ˜‰ I hope y’all like it!

40th Birthday and Christmas Wish List

Hello my lovelies! Today I wanted to talk about some of the items that are on my birthday and Christmas wish list! I don’t share very often about products that I’ve got my eye on, but I thought this was the perfect time, what with my 40th birthday just a couple of weeks away and Christmas not long after. So, without further adieu, I give you…my birthday and christmas wish list!


Now, contrary to what some people might try to tell you, I do NOT have enough makeup brushes…especially when there is a set this gorgeous on the market. It Cosmetics brushes tend to be one of the best out there. They are incredibly soft and luxerious, while being sturdy and a really solidly built brush. I love this set for a couple of reasons:

I am a sucker for the packaging and the actual look of these brushes
It Cosmetics makes awesome brushes so the quality is just as amazing as the design of the brushes
This set is all you’d need to do a full face


It Cosmetics All That Glitters Brush Set

I have heard so many YouTube “Beauty Guru’s” talk about how amazing the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer is that it’s been on my wish list for a couple of months now. I mean according to the biggest beauty YouTubers around, this stuff is the bees knees. There isn’t anything that can beat it for coverage and staying power. I must try it for all of us who aren’t in our early 20’s and see if it it’s just as amazing for those of us with more mature skin types as it is for those younger more fresh faced women!


Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer

This one is another cult favorite, MAC lipstick in the shade Myth. I know there are so many celebs and beauty gurus who have made this lipstick the must have that it is today. I want it because it’s a beautiful shade and I love MAC lipsticks, it’s just so pretty!


MAC Myth

Ok, now this one…I am DYING for this one! This is the Kat Von D Matte Metals Palette. I absolutely adore the aestetic of this palette and the shade range, plus the pigmentation of these shadows…totally worth the high price tag. I’ve had Kat Von D shadows before and they are some the most pigmented shadows I’ve ever used, really rich and vibrant colors that blend out beautifully.


Kat Von D – Metal Matte Palette

There’s really not much to say about this one, it’s a beautiful scent. I don’t go through bottles of perfume very fast, so I prefer to have just a rollerball that I will go through the whole thing and if I want to repurchase I can without worrying about wasting any of it.


Michael Kors – Wanderlust

Ok, I’m gonna just say it…the biggest reason I want this lip gloss is because it looks AMAZING on Jaclyn Hill and I want it to look that good on me! haha But no really, she talks about this gloss all the time and I really do want it just because she raves about it!


Marc Jacobs – Sugar Sugar Lip Gloss

Over the last few years, I have gotten more into using wax warmers instead of candles because of having a toddler in the house again…it’s just not safe to have candles burning and tempting him to climb on anything and everything to get to them. I do have a few candles around the house that are used very sparingly and the next three items on my wishlist are candles that I want to add to my stash of candles to keep around the house for special occasions!


Winter – Bath and Body Works


Holiday Sparkle – Bath and Body Works


A Thousand Wishes – Bath and Body Works

This next item is the Real Techniques Diamond Sponge. I’ve seen reviews floating around YouTube about this makeup sponge and I really want to test it out for myself and see if I like it as much as all these other YouTube Beauty Guru’s! I do already use and love the Real Techniques makeup sponge *the original one* but this one just intrigues me so I really just want it for that reason!


Real Techniques – Diamond Sponge

Ok, you guys. Can we all just take a minute and appreciate the beauty of these taupe booties?! I mean, I just fell in deep deep love with these babies the minute I saw them when I was browsing Target’s website. They are so pretty and with a low enough heel that I won’t kill myself walking in them or chasing a toddler around either. Love these so much!


Target – Taupe Booties

Last, but certainly not least on my wish list, this gorgeous bralette and panty set. I love how it’s feminine and flirty, it’s sexy without being trashy…I mean I’m sure there’s a time and a place for trashy but this just is pretty and I feel like I’d feel pretty wearing it, for ME, not for anyone else…ya know what I mean? Of course you do šŸ˜‰

Lovesick – Racerback Bralette and Panty

I really hope y’all enjoyed seeing my birthday and Christmas wish list, I’d love to know what some of the items on your wishlists are…who knows maybe I’ll need to add some more items to mine!

Christmas Day – Part 3

We made it through another Christmas folks! Hooray! I just can’t get over how fast the years are going, especially now that I have a child. It amazes me that she is already 7 years old. It’s a lot more fun to celebrate holidays with her, she makes everything so much more fun!

She completely missed the whole laptop and ipod on the table that Santa left for her…

And went straight to the unicorn on a stick that she had asked Santa for last year but didn’t get

Then she gave me this face when she opened the obligatory socks and undies!

These were one of my gifts, diamond and pearl earrings

This is the hole in my ceiling from the champagne cork shooting out of the bottle. We had no idea where it went either! lol

Brunch isn’t brunch without mimosa’s!

Well, that was our Christmas. It was wonderful and we were reminded of just how blessed we truly are once again. Now it’s time to start the cleanup and packing all the Christmas decor away til next year. I’m really looking forward to New Year’s Eve and 2012! I have big plans and I can’t wait to get started!

Christmas Part 2

In my family, we have a couple of hero’s…you probably know them as firefighters or emt’s. People in EMS, you know the people who rush to save other people whether it be from a burning building or who’ve been in a serious accident or seriously ill. Both my hubby and my baby brother are EMT’s/Firefighters. This means that they are usually working on the major holidays so we have had to adjust our family rituals of when we celebrate holidays. Luckily if they work the major holidays one year, they usually get them off the next year. This year happened to be the year they had most of them off. My hubby did have to work on Christmas Eve which to me is just as important for family traditions as Christmas Day. Fortunately the ER wasn’t busy and they were fully staffed which means if anyone was working on OT (which Hubby was) they get sent home first if they don’t need them. So hubby was sent home around 430 on Christmas Eve, hooray!

I woke up Christmas Eve morning to a snuggly 7 year old in my bed…

We always let Hannah open her pair of Christmas jammie’s on Christmas Eve before we go out and look at Christmas lights. This year she got Hello Kitty footy jammie’s! Too cute.

We stop by a QT and get some hot cocoa…And then we are off to search the Valley for the biggest and best Christmas lights displays! We found quite a few this year…

Hannah and Summer all snuggly

They really do love each other ā™„

Summer ā™„’s her new bed, that was her Christmas present!

Christmas Eve nacho’s, rum and pepsi and White Christmas on the TV!

Finally, the tree all lit up and present all wrapped and under the tree. Time for Mama and Daddy to go to bed…

Christmas 2011 Pt. 1

This has been an amazing Christmas for our family. Normally my family can’t get together without some sort of drama or arguing but this year was different, there wasn’t any of that!

I took so many pictures over the last couple of weeks leading up to yesterday, so this will be part 1 ..the stuff leading up to Christmas morning!

Hannah seeing Santa and telling him what she wanted this year.

White Elephant Mom’s Night In gift that I got to take home, SWEET! šŸ˜‰

Baking cookies, lots and lots of cookies!

Mmmm, licking the mixers!

Chocolate chip cookie dough, best stuff on earth!

Part of our Christmas light display in our yard.

Treats for the neighbors!

Peppermint chip cookies. Yum.

Tomorrow I will share photos from Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning! I hope all of you had a magical Christmas with your families and friends. ā™„

Holy Christmas Nuts

We are less than 2 weeks away from Christmas! Are you all ready? All the presents bought? Wrapped? Christmas meal planned? Cards sent out? Outfits planned for holiday parties?

If you answered yes to all of these questions you are way more on top of things than I am! I have a couple of gifts left to buy, but what I have already bought is wrapped and under the tree…well of course except the gifts from Santa!

All of the Christmas day food is planned out. We are doing brunch in the morning with all of my family coming to our house. I am looking forward to that! Later that afternoon/evening we will have a sit down turkey dinner with all of the fixin’s.

I have designed my Christmas cards, but have yet to print them! ACK!! I am so behind!

We are pretty casual people but on the holidays I like to have everyone a little more fancy…I have no idea why I just do! I would love to wear this for our Christmas dinner

Source: via Jill on Pinterest

Or something like this…

How does your family do it up for the Holidays? I’d love to hear what your traditions are for this most festive time of year!

I Confess…


I Confess…

…I get a little jealous when other bloggers gain a crapload of new followers in like a week. I love my followers and am grateful for each and every one ā™„ but I wanna be blogfamous. I confess.

I Confess…

…I get excited for friends when they tell me they are pregnant, but it’s also a little stab in my heart every time. We have been TTC a sibling for Princess for almost 6 years and its hard to be ecstatic for friends and acquaintances when it just isn’t happening for you.

I Confess…

…I am really excited for Christmas!! We have been able to get Princess a few things that she has been asking for all year and I can’t wait to see her reaction!

I Confess…

…I may or may not use bribery to get things I want from the Hubs. What? Like you don’t?! HA!

I Confess…


Are you ready to Confess? Go link up with Housewife Eclectic while Mamarazzi is taking a bit of a break.

I Confess…

This is my 400th Blog Post!! Yay me!

I Confess…

I am sitting here freezing wrapped in a blanket, but I love it! It is finally feeling like something other than summer in Phoenix and I am going to enjoy the cold while it’s here…even if I do bitch about it too! lol

I Confess…

My Christmas shopping is just about done! Woohoo! Granted it’s gonna be a light Christmas this year we have still been able to get a little something for the family and gotten some nice things that Princess will love!

I Confess…

I haven’t jumped back into Weight Watchers and yoga/working out like I had wanted to and I probably won’t til January. Yup, I admit it I won’t get back into the healthy kick til after the holidays are over!

What do you have to confess today? Go link up!!

Well, Hello December!

Wow, November seems like it really went by fast and now here we are already into December!

I love late fall and winter in Phoenix…see I don’t have to worry about snow and really REALLY cold temps, so generally we get to do things outside and have lots of bonfires. So in honor of the cooler temps FINALLY making their way to Phoenix here is my list of my favorite things to do at this time of year!

Drink lots of hot chocolate!

Have lots and lots of bonfires with friends

Source: via Sam on Pinterest

Drive around and look at Christmas lights all over Phoenix with the family…while we drink hot chocolate!

Pick out 2-3 Angel Tree gifts with Princess to help her understand Christmas is not just about receiving gifts, but more importantly about GIVING them

Have a wrapping party to wrap Christmas gifts with friends

Get the women in the family together to bake holiday treats like fudge and cookies!

Cooking big meals and hosting lots of parties

Bundling up with the whole family in bed to watch holiday movies and snuggle

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

And finally, ringing in the New Year with a kiss from my Handsome Hubby ā™„