Our Tribe

Throughout this whole journey so far, we’ve been surrounded by angels in different forms, our tribe. Each person has touched our family in a different way, helping, supporting, encouraging, meeting different needs. I don’t know how people with no support manage to make it through, I know for certain we wouldn’t be handling things as well as we have been if we didn’t have our tribe.

In the days leading up to surgery, things were a little stressful. I think it was more fear of the unknown than it was actual fear of surgery and how he would do with all of that. Surgery was scheduled for a Monday morning, and the Friday before, our car radiator blew and needed to be replaced. My husband and I know a lot about a lot of things, cars are not one of the things either of knows much about, fortunately for us, my best friends husband is a mechanic and he said buy the part and bring the car over and I’ll fix it. He worked his day job all day, came home and spent the next 3 hours fixing my car at no charge. To say it was huge relief and a huge blessing to us, is an understatement.

The next morning we woke up to a message from another one of our good friends saying, hey if you don’t have plans, we’d like to provide childcare and send you to a hotel for the night and pay for a nice dinner out for you guys. Cue all the tears. This family was going through a huge battle of their own at the time and we were doing what we could to be there and support them in their fight and they were doing the same for us. We quickly arranged for another of our good friends to come stay with our animals for the day and night and packed our overnight bags and headed up the hill to Prescott. Once we dropped off the kids and made our way to our hotel, we were so excited to just have some down time and not have to worry about anything. We had a lovely hotel room and the view was great.

After relaxing for a while, we decided to head out and explore a little bit before we had to be at the restaurant for our reservation. We walked through a few of the antique shops in downtown Prescott and enjoyed not having to rush through or try to keep little 4 year old hands off of everything, we just got to be. We then made our way over to this little Italian restaurant called Papa’s, it was awesome. Great food, great service, the atmosphere was amazing.

After dinner we went back to the hotel and watched a movie and fell asleep, exciting I know šŸ˜‰ the next morning we got up and showered and went and picked up the kids. We made our way home and Sean had to start his prep for surgery, unfortunately that meant fasting and lots of bathroom time. We really just tried to relax as much as possible and did the last minute check of his bags for the hospital until it was time to go to bed. The next morning was when it all really would start the next long phase of dealing with the reality of cancer.

What a Week!

I’m linking up with Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup today. We can blog about anything at all, no particular topic!

So my topic is my week last week, thank God I had all those guest posts already planned because let me just tell you…it was a crazy week!

Started the week off on Monday feeling good, nothing stressing me out. Monday nights are my new night for BFF night so my BFF, Cat came over after she got off work to hang out and have dinner. We made cheeseburgers on the grill and had sweet potato fries with them, yum!

Then we roll into Tuesday. Hubby had the day off from work so he took Hannah to school while I stayed home and got somethings done around here. When he got home he decided to take Summer THEE dog to the dog park, which she loves. Again I stayed home and got a few more things done around here. I noticed that when he got home, he didn’t pull the car into the garage all the way and I went out to see what he was up to. Red flag numero uno was he had the hood up and there was about a gallon of water on the ground under the car. I asked if everything was ok and he said it was fine. Not a problem. Ok then. I went back inside and got on the stationary bike and knocked out a half marathon (13.1 miles).

A couple of hours later it was time to head to cheer. We all get in the car and start driving the few miles to the school where cheer practice is and the car smells terrible. Like boiled and burned water. Red flag dos. I say to hubby are you sure the car is ok? He says yes its fine, don’t worry. If you say so…

Hannah has cheer practice and Hubby and I sit around waiting an hour for it to be over. We head home and get less than a mile when the red light comes on and tells us the car is overheating. Great. We get another mile and are at a stop light when the car has steam coming out of the engine. Oh boy. We get to the last light and we have to turn…we are literally 2 blocks from home and the car starts sputtering, steam is pouring out of the hood now. Hubby gets us home, opens the hood of the car and smoke just billows out.

We call our friend the mechanic and he says it sounds like the radiator. Could be a hose or the radiator neck, but most likely its the radiator itself. Fabulous. We have one vehicle in our family. Hubby has to work at the ER the next 2 days and I have carpool the next day. Awesome.

We get in touch with my dad’s mechanic since our friend can’t help us out with this one because he has to work too. So my dad gives us the name and number of his mechanic who is also a Phoenix Firefighter. Thankfully, he has Wednesday off if we can have the car towed up to his place he can look at it, get the parts ordered on Weds but won’t be able to fix it til Friday when he is off shift again. So, Wednesday morning thankfully the other mom who I share carpooling duties with was able to take Hannah to school and bring all the kids home in the afternoon. I spent all day dealing with getting the car towed to the shop, getting a rental car for 2 days, getting AAA so that we don’t have to pay $100 again to be towed 11 miles.

This is the first rental they gave me. Hate it. I know for sure I will never buy a Chevy HHR. While it looks cute and all, it is cramped and you can’t see clearly out the tiny windows. I swear I thought I was gonna hit a pedestrian. I took this car out to get frozen yogurt with my daughter and to go shopping with my friend. It did the job but I wasn’t in heaven….until we took it back and I saw my dream car on the lot of the rental place. I was getting back a refund from the first rental so I asked how much it would be for my dream car for 1 day. They smiled and told me it would be $60 for the day. I looked at hubby and he said to do it, that would be my Valentine’s day present. EEEK!!!!

So I drove off the lot in my dream car…a Dodge Charger. OMG. I thought I was gonna die. This car is amazing. It has tons of room in the front and back seats so that even my hubby who is not a small man was comfortable in the passenger seat and in the back seat. The trunk is huge, it has speed and is friggin HOT to look at. We took it all over town and then went to pick up our car from the shop. I literally had a perma-smile on my face the entire time I was driving this car.

That night we went out for a nice dinner as a family and then Mama got to go out and get her hair cut for the first time in forever. I didn’t have much taken off, just some long layers and bangs. But it was long overdue!

We got up and did some grocery shopping yesterday and then sadly I had to return my dream car to Enterprise. Sad face. All I can say is that I will one day own my dream car and I cannot wait for that day!! lol