I want my 64 years like he promised

We celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary this week, we got married on Leap Day 2004, so while we technically didn’t have an anniversary this year it was more important this year than previous years to celebrate the in between’s.

At the time we got engaged, he was still living in Iowa and I was here, in Phoenix. He proposed Halloween weekend 2003 and we of course started talking wedding dates pretty soon after. Sean had a date in mind, pretty quickly and asked if I’d be okay with February 29th. Wow, that was fast! That would only give us a few short months to get him moved from the midwest back out to the valley, and plan a wedding, and get him a job, and find us an apartment…those are a lot of big things to make happen in a 4 month time frame. Once he told me his reason for wanting that date, I of course said I was fine with it.

See, Sean’s grandparents had gotten married on that date many years before and they’d celebrated 16 anniversaries but 64 years of wedded bliss. He figured if it worked for them, it would work for us. Plus, they’d both passed before we’d met and he wanted a way to include them in the special day. So, see, I really couldn’t have refused him that date and still claim to have a heart šŸ˜‰

We started making the plans and doing the things, and ended up getting him moved back out here by Christmas. We moved into our apartment not long after the first of the year and then it was just a matter of the final touches on the wedding planning. Once the day finally arrived, it was beautiful. Blue skies and gorgeous weather, as we are accustomed to in the valley of the sun. We had an outdoor wedding and everything was really exactly as it should have been.

Now, here we are all those years later, never having thought we would have to deal with some of the things we’ve dealt with in our early years of marriage, like being caregivers for his mother as she passed from cancer. Or being a caregiver to my aging grandmother who was sliding further into Alzheimer’s and dealing with bipolar disorder at the same time. Or having an aunt and uncle of his pass from different types of cancers.

Once we started learning of the different types of cancers in his family history, I became more and more concerned that eventually this would enter our world…I mean, you cannot have so many people in your family with all different types of cancers and think you’ll be the one it doesn’t touch. It was a huge worry for me, I’m not sure if it was as big in his mind. I can tell you with certainty I never expected to get the dreaded cancer diagnosis as early in life as we got it though, I thought we’d have 20 more years before we’d hear it.

Now, as I sit here contemplating life and having celebrated this 14th year of marriage…I would be lying if I said there isn’t some level of fear….I hope and pray and I have to believe that he will be here to celebrate many more anniversaries with me, just like his grandparents had…I want my 64 years with him like he promised.

WIW: Wedding Edition

Hello lovelies!

I saw that today is my friend Megan’s 7th anniversary (Happy Anniversary Megan!!) and she is hosting a What I Wore: Wedding link up in honor of her anniversary. Now, I have to tell you I have never met a woman who doesn’t love to show pictures and share the details of her wedding day so of course I am linking up for this fun event!!

I’ve already shared some details about our love story previously here and here and probably a few other places lol…

Hubby and I got engaged on Halloween when I was visiting him in Mt Vernon (Iowa). Shortly after we got engaged he asked if we could get married on Leap Day (4 months away at that time) and I said ok. We started planning not only our wedding but also moving him from Mt Vernon to Phoenix. It was a crazy time!

I tried on 5 dresses and I knew THE dress was #2.

Dress Number 1

I loved this dress…until I turned around and saw what the huge bow on the backside did for my backside…NO THANK YOU!

Dress Number 2

I wasn’t crazy about the neckline on this dress at first, but loved everything else about it.

Dress Number 3

I really wanted a strapless gown and this was the first of the strapless gowns I tried on. Really pretty!

Dress Number 4

I loved this dress, it had major sparkle and I loved it but it wasn’t comfortable at all.

Number 5

I loved this gown but for some reason I kept going back to the 2nd gown. Looking at this gown now, I can’t honestly remember what I didn’t like about it and I love love love this gown now! haha I wanna get married again so I can wear this one!

Ultimately I picked gown 2 and I loved it and still love it.

Thanks Megan for hosting such a fun link up!!