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Morning Self Care Routine

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year, things have been pretty good here so I can’t complain too much 😉

Today I thought I’d share my Morning Self Care routine with y’all…this is something that is a big theme for me this year is Self Care. So let’s dive right in.

January Goals - self care

We’ve all heard it, as moms we tend to put ourselves last and not take care of ourselves how we take care of everyone else around us. In the end, we have nothing left to give most of the time…at least for me, that’s how it works. One of the ways I combat this is to give to myself first. Yep, I make sure I have what I need first thing in the morning and I find that doing that gives me what I need to fill up my own tank so I am full enough to give to the rest of my family.

What do I mean by that? Well, for me it’s getting up an hour or so before the kids and putting myself together. I will shave and wash my face, take my time putting makeup on while I enjoy a cup of hot coffee. Once I’ve taken this time to pull myself together, I feel so much more confident and together. I feel like I can face anything the day throws my way. knowwhatimsayin’

Another thing I’ve been doing for the last few months in my journey of Self Care is to challenge myself with things I believed I couldn’t do. For whatever reason, there are so many things that I’ve told myself I can’t do…mostly physical things, because of my weight, but no more. I have chosen hard things and I’ve crushed it. I’m gaining confidence in myself and believing that I CAN do hard things, no matter what I think my limitations might be.

this girl can-self care-

So, you wanna know some of the things this girl CAN do that she didn’t think she could?

plank for 5 minutes
225 squats a day

Just to name a few…and the list is gonna keep on growing every 30 days once I complete a challenge and add a new one. I filmed a morning self care routine for my YouTube channel a few weeks back so I’m going to include that here in case you haven’t seen it yet, I’d love you to come over and subscribe to me there too

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